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Children in Action II 



Raising baby Trout 



South Tacoma Hatchery

Preparing Our trout Eggs

m&f1.jpg (53867 bytes) First the Hatchery separates the Trout by age.

m&f0.jpg (82251 bytes)They place the fish in holding pens. m&f2.jpg (43170 bytes)Pens are separated by age, sex and size. m&f3.jpg (45317 bytes)There were several different age groups.
m&f4.jpg (50416 bytes)Each group they checked m&f5.jpg (52921 bytes) to see if the fish was ready.

coverfish.jpg (67650 bytes) A tarp was used to cover the fish.

takingeggs.jpg (71747 bytes)Eggs & milt were taken placed into containers  

identify fish.jpg (122572 bytes) Some fish lived to see another day. testing fish.jpg (48586 bytes)Others had to be used to test for diseases.

eggs1.jpg (31753 bytes) This bucket is full of trout eggs

eggs2.jpg (40441 bytes)The eggs are being fertilized.
eggs3.jpg (43629 bytes)Once the milt and eggs have been mixed trays.jpg (60165 bytes)they are placed into trays like these. eggs4.jpg (40573 bytes) After treated the unfertile eggs turn white ALVINEGGS.jpg (66333 bytes)We received trout eggs just like these. Our babies have all hatched as well.(more later)

We are going to release our baby trout at

Here are some pictures of Wapato

wp2.jpg (73812 bytes)    wp3.jpg (61924 bytes)    wp4.jpg (66322 bytes)    wp4.jpg (66322 bytes)    wp5.jpg (56581 bytes)
wpprob1.jpg (81086 bytes)    wpprob2.jpg (69041 bytes)     wpprob3.jpg (79381 bytes)    wpprob4.jpg (106126 bytes)    wpsponsor.jpg (92997 bytes)

Last years site as it looks today.

As you can see it's healthier and more productive living environment for our salmon.


This Years Adopted Site

Plants, animals and surrounding area

swaterscooter.jpg (61293 bytes)Water Scooter

sclam.jpg (41186 bytes)Fresh Water Clam

ssnails.jpg (68941 bytes)Snails

s1.jpg (99474 bytes)

snightshade.jpg (40086 bytes) Night shade

sappletree.jpg (128623 bytes)Apple Tree sblackberries.jpg (80760 bytes)Black Berries s2.jpg (88777 bytes)
s3.jpg (144555 bytes) s4.jpg (80235 bytes) s5.jpg (142492 bytes)Juniper s7.jpg (142492 bytes)