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Ms. Van Sickle


My name is Tamara Van Sickle. I am a teacher at Gray Middle School. I teach 7th grade science. I have been a teacher for several years. I was born and raised in the Washington area and have lived here most of all my life.  My parents were a strong influence on me, by encouraging me in the areas of science plus working with children. All my life, I've always preformed some kind of work that was involved with children.  I knew even after trying other professions, that this was my destiny. I enjoy working with children, because of the personal satisfaction I receive. We all know that it isn't for the money. 

From this personal enjoyment of working with children and the area of science, you can see that this became my logical choice in combining my two greatest loves.  I believe that children are our future and their knowledge is their future, I feel that it is my honor and privilege to provide a very small portion of their knowledge on their road to success. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child. I'm sure we will have fun learning all about science together.  Remember, when you push, and I pull, we will mutually move your child down the road to success.